Blissful Blues

Blissful Blue

courtesy of Decorating Den

(Courtesy of Decorating Den)

Is blue your favorite color? If so, you are not alone.

Blue has been the best selling color in interior design for more than three decades.

Shades of blue are a natural choice for coastal  decorating schemes. They reflect the nearby water and endless sky– and they make an ideal backdrop for the serene lifestyle that comes with living in a cottage–or decorating as if you do.

While other colors go in and out of fashion like ebb and flow of the tide beautiful blues are simply timeless. Here’s a guide for using them in every room.

In The Kitchen

For a calmer kitchen there’s no better choice than decorating with blue. Feel tense about cooking for a crowd? Let a blue print wallpaper adjust your attitude.

(Courtesy of Horchow)

(Courtesy of Horchow)

Wish you were washing dishes in an English country manor? Try painting the walls simple Wedgwood blue. Use blue toile toiles de Jouy wallpaper featuring pastoral scenes to tie together a kitchen and breakfast nook. For a nautical theme use all-American red, white and blue together.

For a quick fix, cover your table and windows with coordinated blue fabrics. Display cobalt blue bottles on a window ledge or top your cabinets with blue and white swirled graniteware. Look for Delft canister or spice sets or start collecting hand painted ceramics. Pottery imported from Portugal, Italy and Mexico often has blue as the dominant color.

Blue Plate Special

No room is more suited to a display of blue and white china, than a dining room. Whether it’s a collection of ginger jars on top of a hutch or plates hung on the wall, a combination of antique and thrift store finds spells cottage charm.

(Photo by Dan Mayers)

(Photo by Dan Mayers)

Unlike Flow Blue or Staffordshire reproductions, budget blue willow actually looks like the real thing. Large pieces, such as platters can be exhibited on a wall or sideboard. Cobalt blue glassware adds sparkling color to a simple white kitchen. And hand painted porcelain dishes with blue motifs or backgrounds from Portugal, Italy, France or Mexico look divine in glass-front wall cabinets or open shelving.

Blue Heaven

The family room or living room is a wonderful place to show off your preference for blue. Treat one wall as a focal point or paint the ceiling in a a soft cloud-like shade. livingroom2

For a casual beach cottage ambiance your top choices are classic pale denim slipcovers or ticking upholstery fabrics. For a slightly more formal décor team up wallpaper and fabrics, such as hydrangea prints, traditional stripes or blue brocades, to add subtle or flamboyant flair.

Splash-o- Blue

Baths and blues are perfect partners. Dive in with a one day makeover using new towels and a coastal shower curtain or renovate with terrific blue tiles.

(Photo by Dan Mayers)

(Photo by Dan Mayers)

Look for glass tiles from Italy, delftware from Holland, and blue majolica tiles from around the Mediterranean. Mosaics in watery shades are ideal for mid-wall borders.

On a tight budget? Consider a stenciled border or press-on decals. The latter are easy and quick to apply and can change a boring bath into a splashy spa in a jiffy.

Blue Ribbon Bedrooms

From delicate periwinkle to calming cloud, choosing soothing shades of blue for the bedrooms in your home helps you or your house guests to relax.

(Courtesy of Maine Cottage)

(Courtesy of Maine Cottage)

A quick pick me up  can be as easy as changing the sheets or tossing on a new comforter. Or redecorate with an eye toward the future by buying a fabulous painted bed.

Experiment with a mix and match assortment of accent pillows in light, medium and dark shades for fabulous effects.


Try these cottage style colors and transform your home.

Aquamarine: To create serene spaces stick to medium and light shades of this greenish blue. Pale aqua tints are ideal for baths.

Azure: The color of a clear sky, this serene blue is ideal for bedroom or sitting area. It looks marvelous with soft yellow or cream.

(Courtesy of Pittsburgh Paints)

(Courtesy of Pittsburgh Paints)

China Blue: Inspired by the dusky blue that appears on antique Staffordshire china, this classic color works well as the background for displays of English antique platters and plates. Blue and white dishes really stand out against walls painted china blue.

Cobalt: A small dose of this high impact blue can spark up a white room. Pair dark cobalt glasses with a collection of blue and white china for dining drama.

(Courtesy of Wallies)

(Courtesy of Wallies)

Cornflower: A staple of Mediterranean cottages, this bright clear blue is often associated with French fabrics from Provence and pottery from the Tuscany region of Italy. Let cornflower brings the warmth of a country garden to your kitchen.


(photo by Dan Mayers)

Delft: Popularized by the Dutch, this purplish blue was originally created as a ceramic glaze. Look for hand painted tiles to use as a surround for your living room fireplace or as a back splash in the kitchen or bath.

Denim :  Rooms decorated with denim feel as comfy as a pair of well worn jeans. In addition to upholstery weight twill fabric, you can cover the walls with denim wallpaper or one of Ralph Lauren’s suede-like denim paints.

French Blue: A purplish blue that is at home in cottages of any nationality, this sweet color appears on many soleido fabrics and Provencal pottery.

(Courtesy of Jaima Brown)

(Courtesy of Jaima Brown)

Navy:  One of the darkest blues, this color can imparts a casual nautical feel when paired with crisp white.

(Photo by Dan Mayers)

(Photo by Dan Mayers)

Robin’s Egg: This is a springy, green-blue full of life and energy. Paint doors, window casings and wood trim in this comforting shade and watch boring white walls come to life.

(Courtesy of Bella Notte)

(Courtesy of Bella Notte)

Turquoise:  A mainstay of tropical decors, this green hued blue can be mellowed with pale aqua and sea foam green. It’s an excellent choice for the bath, bedroom or porch. crystalbluestandmixer

Wedgwood: Named after Britain’s most famous pottery, this clear shade is best paired with a creamy white or buttery yellow. A classic that’s comforting in traditional settings, this color works well in any room.